How to change Name, Date of Birth, Address, Phone number online with the Easy Steps

Aadhaar Card is an authentic identity proof provided to every Indian citizen to give the equal opportunity to all.. Now no misuse can happen with this card because of this card is passed through the different webcam scanning, eye scanning and finger print scanning. Now if you feel that something is not incorrect in the Aadhaar Card you can change it with using the simple clicks instructions we are going to follow you here.

Uid Aadhaar Card status

How to Make Changes in Aadhaar Card Online

You can enter your mobile no in the register your mobile no in the UIDAI site. Once you upload it you will be given One Time Password which is the hard proof that your mobile no is registered in Uid Aadhaar Card. UIDAI is now step ahead with giving you the beneficial advantage to change your name, Address, Mobile No, Gender and Date of Birth with the following guidelines.

For name change you should provide a self attested copy with highlighting name. In this copy you should provide a photo with signature or thumb impression on it.

For small children you should provide the guardians and parents self attested residence proof with signature and thumb impression on it.

To change in the date of birth you should provide self attested document of date of birth with following the signature and thumb impression on it.

How to do online changes in Aadhaar Card

  • Open its official website and get connected with the Change in Aaddhar data
  • Now scan your documents and attach in the required column
  • Now submit your request with showing your Pin Code
  • Here you will receive one spectacular Aadhaar Card Update Request Number after finishing this process
  • This number is very useful for your future reference so save it

Your change request is updated online. With the simple steps following you can easily correct your name, address, date of birth. So go for it if you are facing from the same problem now. For more information visit we are happy to help you.

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